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Políticas de educación en medios: Aportaciones y desafíos mundiales Mapping Media Education Policies in the World. Divina Frau-Meigs y Jordi Torrent. Unesco, 2009

This publication, produced jointly by UNESCO, the UN Alliance of Civilizations, the European Commission and Grupo Comunicar, offers a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to media education. It provides answers to key questions for media, communication and education professionals, researchers and policy makers.
This publication comes at an important juncture when media education is increasingly recognized as an important item on the development and policy agendas in developed, developing and emerging economies.
Mapping media education policies in the world offers a comprehensive approach to media education, considering it from three inter-related dimensions: its national, regional and global contexts; its value to citizens and civic participation; and the crucial role of collaboration among governments, civil society and the private sector in the process.
UNESCO expects that the information contained in this collection will inspire readers to take action that is informed by expert knowledge. Each reader can be a catalyst for change and purpose-driven media education programmes can aid this change.
The goal of this publication is to generate a trusted source of reference for policy makers, researchers and educators looking for information on best practices that will encourage the implementation of media education programs in their respective countries and regions.


Mapping media education policies in the world: visions, programmes and challenges

UNESCO-sponsored programmes and publications

Frau-Meigs, Divina; Torrent, Jordi

Alliance of Civilizations; Grupo Comunicar (Spain)

New York, Alliance of Civilizations; Huelva, Grupo Comunicar, 2009



259 p.

English- Spanish


Incl. bibl. (This text is a collection of papers pub. in Comunicar, Latin American scientific journal of media education, issue 32, Mar. 2009). (Pub. with the assistance of UNESCO). (Eng version also available as ePub). (For Spa. ed. see record 219472)

Educación sobre medios de comunicación; Política educacional; Programas de educación; Educación comparada

Reforma de la educación; Elaboración del programa educativo

UNESCO Library - UNESCO Archives - UNESCO New Delhi

Publication with UNESCO collaboration/sponsorship

Catalog Number: 181917

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